The “objective” world is one of facts, data, and actuality. The world of the “nonobject” is about perception, experience, and possibility. In this highly original and visually extravagant book, Branko Lukic (an award-winning designer) and Barry Katz (an authority on the history and philosophy of design) imagine what would happen if design started not from the object but from the space between people and the objects they use. The “nonobject,” they explain, is the designer’s personal experiment to explore our relation to the observable world.

NONOBJECT proposes a radically new approach to design: In contrast to “human-centered design,” which starts from the needs of existing users, or the “object-centered” approach, which begins with the form and function of the product, NONOBJECT takes as its starting point the mysterious and largely unexplored space in between. Through a series of dramatic explorations derived from as-yet-undiscovered materials, imagined manufacturing processes, and invented rules, Branko Lukic investigates the transformations of everyday experience that might occur if we listened attentively to what Debussy called “the space between the notes.” The accompanying texts by Barry Katz locate these projects within the cultural dynamics of contemporary civilization.”