Could your pillow be causing your sleeping problems?

The frustration of sleep deprivation

Sometimes we just battle to sleep for what seemed no reason at all.  If it is one night, we are not too fussed as it happens!  But then one-night turns to two, two to three and next thing you know you have had a few weeks of bad sleep. The first thing we tend to think is that we have some weird sleep disorder!  But what most people do not realize is that sometimes sleep deprivation is not in your head but rather beneath it!

What the experts say about your pillow

  • Some people who complain about neck and back problems do not even realize that is could mainly be due to the incorrect positioning of and type of pillow they are sleeping on.
  • The elevation of a person pillow along with the firmness should be chosen by the way of your preferred sleeping positions.
  • People who sleep on their back should look at a thinner pillow. A thinner pillow will put the spine in a comfortable mid-line position.  This is ideal for those whole likes to sprawl out on their backs.
  • Side sleepers (which make up seventy-five percent of the population) need to look at both the length and width of their pillows. Especially for pregnant woman and people who suffer from hip pain.  A lot of side sleepers require almost full body support and a longer pillow that hugs the body is perfect.  It allows the person to be able to align their bodies and rest an arm and or a leg on the pillow


The next time you are having that restless toss and turn instead of trying to count sheep or grab a sleep remedy look at your pillow.  The correct pillow is just as important as the correct mattress for a good night’s sleep.

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