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5 Sleep techniques to try achieving a better night’s sleep

The art of a good night’s sleep

We have all had those nights where we cannot sleep, and we toss and turn for what seems like hours.  The are many reasons for those restless nights one of the most common being stress.  The worst thing is dozing off only to suddenly wake up a little while later.

5 Sleep techniques to try to achieve a good night’s sleep

#1           Try avoiding having a TV in your room or make sure it is completely off at nigh

A lot of people have TV’s in their rooms, this should be avoided.  The light and noise from the TV can cause visual stimulation.Although the TV can help you doze off leaving it on whilst you try to sleep is not a good idea and tends to lead to a distrustful night’s sleep.

#2           Leave the social media and phones at the bedroom door

Computers, mobile phones and smart devices are distractions that will not only keep you from going to sleep at a decent hour but can also disrupt your night sleep.If you need to keep your mobile phone next to your bed ensure it is in night mode and the buzzer is off.
Do not engage in any social media applications if you are going to do so at night try to limit your time on them.  Keep that time in the lounge and not your bedroom

#5           Keep it cool

If you are too hot you will toss and turn trying to find a cool spot.  It is always best to keep your rooms a little cooler with a fan.
Try not to have the fan directly on you though as that could cause you to get a dry mouth and or throat.

#4           Darkness encourages deeper sleep

Try to keep the room as dark as possible or at least wear an eye mask to block out any light.

#5           Reduce or block out the noise

Quiet is one of the top keys to a decent night sleep!


Sleep deprivation can lead to serious health and mental issues.  If the problem persists you should consult your doctor for advice.
Taking sleep remedies, unless the likes of a hot malt or milky drink, can lead to addiction and other more serious problems.  Never play with your health!

Could your pillow be causing your sleeping problems?

The frustration of sleep deprivation

Sometimes we just battle to sleep for what seemed no reason at all.  If it is one night, we are not too fussed as it happens!  But then one-night turns to two, two to three and next thing you know you have had a few weeks of bad sleep. The first thing we tend to think is that we have some weird sleep disorder!  But what most people do not realize is that sometimes sleep deprivation is not in your head but rather beneath it!

What the experts say about your pillow

  • Some people who complain about neck and back problems do not even realize that is could mainly be due to the incorrect positioning of and type of pillow they are sleeping on.
  • The elevation of a person pillow along with the firmness should be chosen by the way of your preferred sleeping positions.
  • People who sleep on their back should look at a thinner pillow. A thinner pillow will put the spine in a comfortable mid-line position.  This is ideal for those whole likes to sprawl out on their backs.
  • Side sleepers (which make up seventy-five percent of the population) need to look at both the length and width of their pillows. Especially for pregnant woman and people who suffer from hip pain.  A lot of side sleepers require almost full body support and a longer pillow that hugs the body is perfect.  It allows the person to be able to align their bodies and rest an arm and or a leg on the pillow


The next time you are having that restless toss and turn instead of trying to count sheep or grab a sleep remedy look at your pillow.  The correct pillow is just as important as the correct mattress for a good night’s sleep.

The 2 best beds to aid in a better quality of sleep

Choosing your bed is like choosing the right shoes

We all know what it is like to get that pair of shoes that are oh so nice to look at and look good on but they hurt like heck.  There is nothing worse than having to trudge around in shoes that put you through a slow painful agony.  Much like that of a mattress because the wrong one can not only cause sleep problems but can cause serious health issues.

2 Top mattresses for 2018

#1 WinkBeds Plus

This is the ultimate mattress designed with the heavier sleepers in mind.

Winkbeds offer mattresses that consist of a high-density comfort foam that does not leave a body impression.It has a seven zoned layer of pure latex that has been proven over time to not lose its firmness.The base has been reinforced in two-hundred and forty-six places.  It has an edge support system and a ten-year warranty that is a full replacement warranty.  Plus, Winkbeds will cover the cost of the shipping to and from the factory.

#2 The Ultimate dreams Supreme 12” Gel Memory foam mattress from DreamFoam

This mattress gives all-around support for the side, back and stomach sleepers.With a cool to moderate temperature rating, the mattress tends to be good for both those hot nights and the coolers ones.

Its Gel Memory Foam mattress consists of a three-layer construction of gel memory foam, memory foam rounding off the last eight inches of the twelve-inch thick mattress with a premium base foam.  This mattress is of medium softness lending just the right amount of comfort and support.


When choosing a bed always make sure you check the customer reviews.  If you have orthopaedic problems, check with your doctor on what would best suit your condition.
There is nothing wrong with having a lie down on the bed to test it when you go to choose one.
The better quality ones might be a bit more pricey but they are also designed to last a lot longer than their cheaper competitors.